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 Werecats are a strange breed. We are close to being werewolves. Only problem is that we are felines. We are giant, four legged, walking cats. We can purr if we feel like it and we roar are in any danger.

 Though we are close to being werewolves, we aren't. Werecats have these things called claws and we know how to use them, so don't get too cocky. Like normal house cats, we don't like to do too many things in once day, and yet, as a werecat, we seem to have more motive to. We love to climb trees. There are many species of werecats. There are Siameise and Tabbies, Snow Leopards and Tigers, Tortoise Shells, and even Cougars. I can't name every kind, just believe me, we're here. Werecats always have silky fur and brilliant colors. We vary from dark to light, depending on which breed you are. Our eyes are unique in their own way. They can be any color of the rainbow, and more. It doesn't matter what shade. Pretty cool, huh?

Werecat families are large and are almost always altogether, except in wars. We are very territorial. Mostly the females fight over any and everything. Kittens born are cared for by their parents equally, even though their mothers do the hunting, they are there all during the day. When the kittens get large enough, and old enough to help, the females are taught to fight first, while the males are taught to do housework first, then they switch. The mother will be there to watch them grow, but she still has to hunt for the werewolfs or food at night, so she isn't there to say goodnight. Even in human forms, they aren't loners.


 Werecats are the most stubbern aniamls to kill. A full moon dosn't have the same effect on werecats as it does on werewolves. We change when we want to, even if it's in daylight. On every night, only the females go out and hunt for werewolfs to kill, we have this fetish with killing them, this being the females favorite thing to do. On a full moon we are always so lovable, we do have a romantic side, you know! Though we run on all fours we walk with more steath than any others. Our tail helps us in standing.. Lucky us.


By KiKi and CoCo (Our names for the time being... As far as you know anyway XD) 



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